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  • Guild Battles
Lead a four-person party and switch characters as you fight in exhilarating melee action! Tap the icon in the bottom right to chain your attacks! Tap your allies' icons at any time to switch characters! Press and hold the icon to activate skill! then switch to Theo! Send them flying with Theo... And switch to Irvin! Defeat hordes of enemies with deadly combos!Blow your enemies away with multiple character combo attacks!
Relive storylines from the anime as well as the original light novels, and experience all new, game-exclusive content.
Gather your allies on the battlefield! Activate four-person tag team Quartet Mode and demolish your enemies as one! Quartet Mode Fight together for a limited time, as your allies rush the battlefield!Activate it to turn the tide or press your advantage!
Let battle commence! Fantasia Union vs. Factory Alliance Guild battles every weekend that last for three days! Join a guild, then choose your faction. Let battle commence! Pick your targets carefully, as you only have three attempts Progression routes will bring out your inner strategist! If you et your guard down your entire camp could be wiped out! Each guild victory takes your faction closer to total victory. At the end of the three days the faction with the most winning guilds will be declared victor!