Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-register and obtain Siluca!

Join forces with the famous duo from Ryo Mizuno's Record of Lodoss War!

4★Parn and Deedlit

Shoot for 10,000 pre-registrations worldwide!

Pre-Registration Campaign Rewards

4★ Siluca Crest Stones x250
4★Parn and  Deedlit

Plus more in store if we exceed 30,000...

4★Parn and  Deedlit

Important Information
This campaign will end once the app has been released.
Signing up to this campaign is free.
Once the app has been released, all players who log in will receive a special pre-registration gift.
The pre-registration gift can be accepted only once per person when starting up this app.
Please be aware that this campaign may be subject to change or end without prior notice.
The amount of pre-registrations is the combined total of pre-registrations on relevant media and the number of followers for the official social media accounts below.